Oman wellness: Hygiene comes first

Lifestyle Saturday 25/March/2017 19:35 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman wellness: Hygiene comes first

According to the World Health Organisation, of every 100 hospitalised patients, every 7 in developed nations and 10 in developing countries will acquire health care associated infections. Apparently, 80% of these infections are caused by poor hand hygiene practices in the hospitals.

We all know that health and hygiene goes hand-in-hand, but not many of us make sure that our hands are clean and hygienic at all times, especially when approaching a new born or touching a wound or even after being in an unhygienic environment. While there are certain ways of washing your hands with hand wash a specific number of times in a specific way, thanks for Sterillium, the world’s first alcohol-based hand disinfectant, which serves the purpose.

And the people in Oman can thank Al Farsi Medical Supplies for bringing this magical product to Oman for the first time. They have conducted training in over 100 healthcare facilities in Oman to promote hand hygiene and make people aware of the importance of maintaining it especially in hospitals. They have been actively involved in educating the people by innovative ways such as competitions based on e-learning tools.

Recently they started an initiative for multi-modal hand hygiene strategy, which has been identified by the WHO as one of the most effective methods to kill germs commonly found in hospitals. It aims to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections to improve hygiene performance. –[email protected]