Barka, Sohar, Salalah lead COVID-19 case count outside Muscat
July 8, 2020 | 6:10 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: File

Muscat: The cities of Barka, Sohar and Salalah have reported the largest occurrence of COVID-19 cases outside the Governorate of Muscat, according to figures from the Ministry of Health.

The ministry’s COVID-19 monitoring app, Tarassud, shows that the capital of the North Batinah governorate, Sohar, has recorded 2,005 of the 5,725 cases reported there, corresponding to 35 per cent of all tests that have come back positive in that area.

The town of Suwaiq, also in North Batinah, has the highest number of cases in the governorate after Sohar, at 1,340 cases, or 23.4 per cent of all incidents of the coronavirus in the area.

Moving south, Barka, which is just beyond Seeb in the capital, has seen the highest number of cases in South Batinah, with 2,376 of the 4,956 positive cases (47.9 per cent) of COVID-19 reported in that governorate. Rustaq (986 cases) and Al Musannah (979 cases) both have significantly high occurences of the disease.

In Oman’s southern Governorate of Dhofar, Salalah has reported the bulk of the cases detected there, with 1,293 of the 1,425 incidences, or 90.7 per cent, of COVID-19, traced to the regional capital. COVID-19 cases among the other seven wilayats of the Dhofar are still in single and/or double figures.

As of 8 July, 2020, the total number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 stands at 50,207. Of them, 32,005 have so far recovered, and 17,969 still have the disease. 221,181 people have so far been tested, while 223 locals and expats have sadly lost their lives to the novel coronavirus.

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