Omani organisers win millions of rials in damages from Real Madrid
July 6, 2020 | 6:09 PM
by Times News Service
Said Al Shabibi, Owner, Omani Zan Company. Photo: Supplied

Muscat: An Omani company has won millions of rials in damages from Spanish football club, Real Madrid after the Omani Supreme Court issued it's final ruling.

The Omani company, which had entered into an agreement to organise the 'legends' matches between old Real Madrid stars on the one hand, and old Barcelona stars on the other, obtained the final ruling in June 2020 from the Supreme Court after a five-year court battle.

The case pertained to the cancellation of the match due to breach of the agreement by Real Madrid.

The Omani Zan Company was the organiser of the match which was scheduled to be played on March 14, 2014.

The company had filed a lawsuit in 2015 claiming financial compensation on account of losses it suffered due to the Real Madrid’s lack of commitment to the agreement signed with it.

The Sultanate’s Supreme Court upheld the appeal of Omani Zan Company against Real Madrid management.

"Real Madrid tried to evade the facts about its failure to adhere to the conditions contracted in the agreement, so we had to resort to the judiciary to do justice to us,” Said Al Shabibi, the owner of the organising company said.

“Thank God, after a period of five years today, we had fair judgment and this was what we expected from the beginning on the basis of the contract which is legally binding on the contractors,” he added.

Al Shabibi said that in the coming times he will reveal documents that will expose the full extent of manipulation by these parties.

Al Shabibi also said: “The company struggled to obtain its right from Real Madrid Club, but there are other local parties who will be also prosecuted who were involved in this case. The aim of this match was to promote sports tourism in the Sultanate.”

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