Oman wellness: Keep it dry when you shampoo

Lifestyle Saturday 18/March/2017 20:30 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman wellness: Keep it dry when you shampoo

When you want to bask in the beauty of your just-washed tresses for a few additional days without actually going through the entire process again, dry shampoo is your go-to hair-saver. Though there would have been a lot of research that went into this miracle product, a dry shampoo works on a simple principle. It basically absorbs excess oil, grime and dirt from the scalp (and not your hair) leaving it flaunt-able for another day or two; and all this, without getting your hair wet.

Dry shampoos have been around since Twiggy’s era but have gained immense popularity in the past few years. This comes as no surprise, of course. Celebrities back in the days sure were granted more time to their beauty regime; the busy modern day world however expects us to look glamorous with minimal time for any beautification. Hence, we take recourse to terms like ‘natural beauty’, or ‘no-makeup’ look or even the evergreen ‘roll-out-of-bed’ hairdo. Speaking of hairdo (and coming back to our primary topic), dry shampoos work not only to keep hair feeling clean, fresh and fragrant, but also works as a great base product if you want to style your hair.
Besides, who has time to go in for a complete hair wash every day when you are running in between meetings and house chores (or just being lazy).
It would be a shame (and quite painful) to have to wash off a beautiful Brazilian blowout the very next day just because of a greasy scalp; or even those well-done, bouncy curls that took ages. So what does a lady do?

Enter dry shampoo. However, with multiple brands making seemingly legit claims, we wanted to make sure we had the best in our basket. So we picked the massively popular, internationally loved and widely acclaimed brand – Batiste.
This starch based product with an innovative ‘no water needed formula’, Batiste Dry Shampoo banishes oily roots and boosts body giving dull lifeless hair the makeover that it needs without any water.
The entire range is specially formulated to instantly fix and revitalise greasy, dull and lifeless hair; add volume to thin, fly-away hair and add texture and body to hair required for styling.
Batiste is available in five fresh, fragrant variants — Blush, Original, Oriental, Cherry, and Floral.
How to Use?
Never use dry shampoo after a bath or on even on damp hair.
Spray: Making sure it doesn’t get into your eyes, spray some from a distance of about 6-8 inches from the scalp. Spraying the hair in sections about two inches apart, work it down from the parting to the nape.
Massage in: With your fingertips, massage it gently into the scalp. Always ensure you have the entire shampoo blended in evenly. If you have some leftover, work it down through your strands. This adds that extra volume to otherwise limp hair.
Brush and style: Using a slim bristle brush, simply comb out whatever is left of the shampoo and get ready to flaunt your favourite style.

For best results, follow these quick tips on how to work your dry shampoo:
• Spray at the roots and the scalp. Spraying on top of the hair will make it difficult to blend it in, may leave residue and even compromise on the volume aspect. Instead, part your hair well, lift up the top layer and target the spray at the roots.
• Your hair has its own T-zone which has a tendency to be greasier than the rest of the head. “Draw an imaginary capital letter T on top of your head going up the parting with the top across the front of the head, along the hairline. That is your hair’s T-Zone,” says a celebrity hairstylist. When time is really scarce, just focus your dry shampoo on this zone.
• Don’t focus on a single area for too long. You can gently shake your head while spraying to ensure it doesn’t end up accumulating in one spot only.
• Don’t go overboard with the application at first go. You can always apply some more if the need be.
• Don’t keep touching your hair. That is pretty much why your hair got oily in the first place.
Dry shampoos work great to keep hair looking fresh, voluminous and fragrant. It reduces the need for heat styling and preserves the essential oils of the hair which we otherwise tend to lose when we wash too frequently. Escaping frequent washes is also bliss for those with coloured hair. And then, we have those who swear by dry shampoos just to make up for those extra 10 minutes, otherwise lost in a morning hair wash.
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(Batiste will be available in all major outlets in Oman)