Covid-19: Wilayat Muttrah still under sanitary isolation
April 6, 2020 | 8:41 PM
by Times News Service
File Photo

Muscat: Wilayat of Muttrah is now subject to sanitary isolation. Does this mean fear and panic?

Oman TV said, "The sanitary isolation for Muttrah comes in order to protect the residents of the wilayat first. There is no shortage in supply of goods. All basic services are available, the entry and exit of ambulances and medical materials is being facilitated and there will be no shortage. Fuel is being provided regularly to the wilayat petrol stations. There are facilities for cargo trucks to enter. Sanitation and other services will not stop, either. Sanitary isolation is a global system for protecting areas undergoing community transmission so there is no need to feel fear or panic."

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