Credit Oman supports Omani manufacturers, exporters

Business Monday 06/April/2020 17:42 PM
By: Times News Service
Credit Oman supports Omani manufacturers, exporters
Muscat: The Export Credit Guarantee Agency of Oman (Credit Oman), continues to support Omani exporters and manufacturers despite coronavirus pandemic and low oil prices. Necessary measures have been taken to provide services and insurance coverage that help them sell their products locally and globally without worrying about buyers not being paid.
Sheikh Khalil bin Ahmed Al Harthy, the CEO, said that the services provided by Credit Oman support and encourage efforts of Omani exporters to develop their exports and increase the volume of inter-trade and exports destined to global markets that directly contribute to the arrival of exports to the countries of the world.
He added that since the establishment of Credit Oman in 1991, the world and the region have gone through various political and non-political circumstances, environmental disasters and many others that may directly affect the export process, but Credit Oman has always been a safety valve to protect rights of exporters and manufacturers.