Flowery women’s meet up in Muscat

Lifestyle Wednesday 15/March/2017 19:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Flowery women’s meet up in Muscat

With raindrops, flower tiaras and a lovely outdoor ambiance blooming with women wearing floral outfits, it was a perfect ‘ladies day out’. Organised by the Oman Social Lounge (OSL), a popular women’s facebook group in Muscat, the meet up saw more than 60 people take part in a very relaxed atmosphere in the outdoor seating area of the Tarma café at Panorama Mall.

Excited cheerful women and girls started entering the café’s outdoor area at 4pm on a Saturday, after which there were smiles and chatter all through. A woman who was part of the event said, “It was such a beautiful evening with all the women laughing, chatting and just having fun in the games.”

A number of fun games were played. A singing competition was also organised in which more than 20 women sang sweet melodies. Hina Junaid was given the best makeup title and the best dressed award went to Ayesha. Nabeela Aslam Farshori, an admin of the OSL group was really happy that the event went well, “It’s so nice to see such cheerful faces and women dressed up in some exquisite floral dresses.

We are so glad that we could make this happen together with the support of the other admins and the sponsors. I want to thank everyone who came.”
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