Muscat Gujarati Samaj stages famous play “The Waiting Rooms”

Energy Tuesday 14/March/2017 19:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Gujarati Samaj stages famous play “The Waiting Rooms”

Muscat: The Muscat Gujarati Samaj, Gujarati Wing of the Indian Social Club, Oman recently staged a famous, award winning Gujarati play, “The Waiting Rooms” at the Grand Hall, Al Falaj Hotel recently. This was the 331st record breaking show of this famous play “The Waiting Rooms” which has won many “Best Play” awards nationally and internationally and has been acclaimed as one of the most entertaining plays of modern Gujarati theatre.
“The Waiting Rooms” play was a classic piece of art, far away from the usual slapstick humor and which brought out the best talent in each of the actors. There was no dearth of subtle one-liners which passed a socially relevant message, yet in a humorous manner. The satire on the male dominated Indian family culture and the typical challenges faced by women in every walk of life, whether at teenage, as housewives or working women was brought out very delectably in a succinct manner leaving a long lasting impact on the audience.
As promised, the play brought out many laughs, several wise audible nods, excellent scriptwriting and to top it all, an scintillating climax beyond imagination, cracking a perfect formula for the stupendous success that the play has received. The combination of writer Prayag Dave and director Dhiraj Palshetkar wove a wonderful charm as the audience was left spell bound.
The woman-centric play revolved around four women from different age-groups and different walks of life, who come face to face for a few hours in a waiting-room at a train station in northern India. The pluralistic title “The Waiting Rooms” was suggestive of the inner 'waiting rooms' in the minds & hearts of these women, credibility of which was aptly established during the course of the play.
All the characters, performed their roles with aplomb, but the pinnacle of all was the seamless performance of Bhamini who tightly held on to the plot, to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, albeit in an entertaining way. The destinies of these women were linked in a subtle yet enterprising way, which was revealed only towards the end, intended to be kept as a surprise and ending as a thrilling climax.
The Grand Hall at Al Falaj witnessed a jam-packed audience and every one left the hall highly appreciating the drama and thanking MGS for bringing such a masterpiece to enthrall the audiences in Oman.