Times of Oman super readers

Oman Monday 24/February/2020 23:47 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: On the occasion of celebrating 45 years as the leading English daily across the country, we got the opportunity to hear from some of our super readers.

Talking exclusively to the Times of Oman (ToO), Dr Shahnaz Wasti, a reputed gynaecologist in one of the private hospitals in Oman, said that she has been reading ToO since the time it started.
“I started reading ToO in 1975, when it was a weekly publication. Later on, it became a daily publication that has progressed tremendously, both in terms of content, and other sections of media publications. We have enjoyed reading it for so many years, and we are glad that we can now read ToO online as well. Heartiest congratulations on the occasion of the 45th anniversary, and I wish for more growth and progress for ToO in the years to come,” she said.

Another super reader who moved to Oman in the early 80s said that since then ToO has taken big strides and has emerged as one of the leading news sources in the Gulf.

"It is my great pleasure and honour to congratulate ToO for completing 45 years of its establishment. When I came in 1982, it was a small tabloid that used to only come once a week. I would like to congratulate them for improving the standards of daily news, giving good sports coverage, and coverage to VIPs who came to the country,” the super reader said.

“I have met the founder of ToO, the late Essa bin Mohamed Al Zadjali, on several occasions, and he had previously attended many of my functions as well. When it came to coverage of sports news, political news, economic news and photojournalism, there was no parallel to ToO.

"This shows the big strides the paper has taken, and it is now one of the biggest papers in the Gulf. I congratulate them once again, and may they progress with the same vision and the same belief,” Syed Ali Sibtain Naqvi, a hockey veteran and Sports Consultant at Oman Hockey Association, said.
He added that it has been his privilege to congratulate the ToO, which has always provided him support when it has come to hockey and the Oman Olympic Committee.

Motassim Hussain, a senior engineer working in the Sultanate said, “I am celebrating alongside our friends at Times of Oman, their completion of 45 years. I believe these 45 years of success are because they have become well-known as a reputed newspaper all over the GCC.

"All this has come about due to the great efforts of the people who are working at this organisation. I want to thank them once again, and wish them all the success and progress in the future.”