OmanPride: Doaa Elseoud, the ever-inspiring cancer survivor

More sports Monday 13/February/2017 20:15 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Doaa Elseoud, the ever-inspiring cancer survivor

For a woman it is a moment of total emotional collapse when she is diagnosed of breast cancer. Life suddenly takes an ironical turn as they lose hope from everything in life. But not all. There are many women out there who have braved the Big C and have emerged winner. One such inspiring cancer survivor of Oman is 31-year-old Doaa Elseoud, whose will-power and positive attitude will inspire all. Those who follow her on Instagram would know how she uses her modelling skills to spread the message of courage and determination.

Doaa was born in Egypt and raised in the Emirates, and has been working in the aviation field since 2008. She has a special place in her heart for art and music, as her mother used to play the piano, and she loves playing cajon drum.

Life was smooth when suddenly in July 2016, Doaa’s world came crashing down. She was diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer and lymph nodes cancer. The news was shocking and unbearable too, more so she had lost her mother to cancer a year back. But instead of plunging into depression Doaa decided to roll up her sleeves and fight frontline in a battle of survival.
After being diagnosed, Doaa decided to accept her fate than mourn and begin her treatment. “Getting treated was not an option for me. I decided to do what my mum couldn’t,” remembered Doaa.

Soon she realised how society perceived those going through cancer, which was immensely hurtful in the initial days. But that gave her the hope and courage to embark on a new journey, the one that took her in front of a camera.

She took upon herself to stand up for fellow survivors by getting involved in modelling, and with the powerful tool of social media, Doaa became an inspiring figure. “I realised that the mental health is the most important aspect of cancer,” said Doaa, adding that, “being positive and accepting the illness and the treatment is the key to fight cancer”.

Doaa’s inspirational journey to change society’s perception kicked off after she had to shave her head owing to chemotherapy. She embraced her new look and then took the first bold step. She decided to walk freely without covering her head and not feel embarrassed about it.

This was her way of telling the society that cancer survivors are as normal as others, and they do lead normal lives, full of bliss. Her message was loud and clear. People’s reactions were mixed, as it is not a norm to see a bald woman walking on the streets of Muscat in full confidence, but that did not stop her from fighting for her rights.

“I wanted to see a change so I started with myself,” said Doaa. As part of her journey and battle, Doaa decided to taste the waters in the field of modelling after seeing unhappy photos on social media of survivors and those going through the treatments. “My aim wasn’t to be a model at the beginning, but I decided to do few photo shoots to show everyone that cancer survivors are beautiful the way they are,” said the young lady as she continued to explain, “because beauty starts from within, and I believe that surviving cancer shows the beauty of the soul”.

Doaa advices all cancer survivors to make the best use of whatever that’s on the table and add sparkle in their lives.
“Surviving cancer is an achievement that you, the survivor, will proudly remember. If treated with the right set of mind and positive energy, you’ll end up with tons of confidence and begin to reconsider everything and every choice of your life,” she added.
Doaa also documents her treatment sessions and other details of her journey to spread awareness on Instagram, where she receives motivational messages and has the opportunity to hear other people’s stories.

Today Doaa is also part of Oman Cancer Association, where she has the chance to meet many people, and build a new family full of passionate and dedicated fellow survivors. “Being a volunteer for a cause is a noble thing to do, and I found it’s the right place where I can work for a cause,” said Doaa.

Doaa intends to inspire the youth of the country and will continue to soar higher with self-acceptance, awareness, and modelling skills. Full of life and wit, Doaa promises to inspire all with her positive attitude.