Omani student back from Wuhan
February 18, 2020 | 1:13 PM
by Times TV

One of the Omani students who was airlifted from Wuhan as a precaution to avoid infection from COVID-19, has said he will continue his studies online, now that he has reached Muscat, and will not be returning to China.

The student, who has chosen to be identified only by his last name, Al Jabri, said that the university contacted him by email to inform that he will be able to complete his studies by online learning for two years because of the coronavirus.

Al Jabri has already started the first phase of his online studies on Monday. He informed that he went to China at his own expense, and his specialisation is business studies. He lived in accommodation provided by the university, and is now very happy to be home among his family and in his country, Oman.

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