Ministry urges caution for social media clips circulated in Oman
February 17, 2020 | 8:12 AM
by Times News Service
File photo

Muscat: The Ministry of Social Development has asked netizens to investigate the truth behind any clip or image circulated on social media or other means and to verify its source and reasons behind the publication before trusting it.

The statement came after a video was circulated on social media which showed some members of a community in the Sultanate, sorting and calculating certain sums of money.

Screenshot from the video

A statement issued on Sunday by the Ministry said, "The Ministry wants to clarify that it does not grant permits to collect money from the public for clubs of social communities registered in its records.”

“Investigate the truth first from any clip or image that is circulated through social media or other available means and verify its source and reality and the reasons that prompted its publication,” the statement added.

It also stressed the necessity of ascertaining the declaration attached to a fundraising effort in terms of the authorised period as well as the name of the collecting organisation before initiating a donation.

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