Scrap govt fuel cards, prioritise the poor: Oman Shura committee

Business Wednesday 08/February/2017 17:51 PM
By: Times News Service
Scrap govt fuel cards, prioritise the poor: Oman Shura committee

Muscat: Families living on social welfare and those with limited income are top of the list of people to help amid the hike in fuel prices, according to the Special Committee for Addressing the Economic Crisis.
The special committee of the Majlis Al Shura has listed recommendations to support people on social welfare, families with incomes of less than OMR 600 and students enrolled in colleges and universities.
The committee added that top government officials should be stripped of free fuel cards in order to aid the Sultanate’s economy.
Sultan Al Abri, member of the Shura Council said, “Oman’s fuel prices are the highest in the GCC. I recommend that the prices be fixed at 180 baizas, either quarterly or for six months for all levels in the community.”
Tawfeeq Al Lawati, Head of the Economic Committee at the Shura Council said, “A citizen cannot bear the burden of mistakes. I recommend offering support of OMR 100 to families who make less than OMR 750.”
“The committee responsible for fuel prices should be cancelled and the prices should be per global standards,” said Mohammad Al Kindy, Shura Council member.
Members of the Shura said they will raise the issue with the Council of Ministers to devise a solution which will raise the standard of living for those affected by the hike.