Thanks to Omantel, Oman now has 13th fastest LTE speed worldwide

Business Saturday 13/February/2016 18:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Thanks to Omantel, Oman now has 13th fastest LTE speed worldwide

Muscat: Sultanate of Oman has the 13th fastest 4G LTE in the world, a recent report by Open Signal, a leading source of insight into the coverage and performance of Mobile Operators worldwide, has said.
Oman’s ranking moved 10 positions upwards in three months and surpassed even advanced nations.
Oman’s ranking is attributed solely to Omantel, the Sultanate’s leading provider of telecommunications solutions which also provides the widest LTE network coverage in the country.
The results were based on data collected from over 15 million devices around the world that constantly monitors the coverage and performance of mobile connections.
Omantel became the first provider in the Sultanate to introduce 4G LTE network in 2012. The 4G LTE network now reaches over 80 per cent of the population in Oman, According to the report, the network has an average speed of 20mbps.
In 2015, Omantel’s total network investments reached over OMR120 million.
In addition, 4.5G technology, introduced in April 2015, enables speeds of up to 200mbps.
Commenting on the achievement, Omantel spokesperson Samy Ahmed Al Ghassany, COO Omantel, said, “It is deeply pleasing to see Oman achieve such an excellent global ranking, a fact that underscores our commitment to provide the latest and most innovative technology to our subscribers. It is very satisfying to witness the significant investments in the 4G LTE network come to fruition and benefit the Sultanate as a whole. Oman ranked above nations such as US, France, Sweden and Japan in terms of 4G LTE network speed. This is something we should all be proud of and really goes to show that we are capable of being global leaders across multiple sectors with the right investment, strategy and commitment to innovate.”
“Our efforts are derived from our new strategy, ‘Omantel 3.0,’ which empowers us to lead Oman’s digitalisation through the technology we provide and innovate in our offerings. We will continue to invest in expanding and enhancing our networks as they are a key elements in delivering an unmatched customer experience,” Samy added.
Investing in the future of the nation, Omantel connects even the most remote communities of the Sultanate to each other and with the rest of the world. Omantel is the Sultanate’s first and leading integrated telecommunications services provider, enabling the digital society to flourish, allowing new ways of doing business and delivering a world of information, news and entertainment. Today, Omantel boldly innovates to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction, the broadest and most reliable nationwide network while investing in Oman’s future development.