Oman's Human Rights Commission lists out duties for expat workers
January 22, 2020 | 7:40 AM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: Oman’s Human Rights Commission has issued a guide for non-Omani manpower which contains a list of duties that expatriates are supposed to follow.

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The duties are listed in the labour laws of Oman and are as follows:

1- Entering the country for work with a legal and legitimate permit

2- Possessing a valid labour card while still in the country

3- Working for the institution appearing in the contract and for the same stated number of hours

4- Preserving the means and tools of production, and refraining from using them for individual purposes or outside the establishment without permission.

5- Observing health and safety procedures prescribed by the establishment.

6- Refraining from leaving the job or working for another employer before the end of the contract and without notice.

7- Maintaining work secrecy and possessing no confidential documents for private use.

8- Refraining from participating in work activities similar to the ones practiced by your current employer until the contract is over.

9- Refraining from fund raising, calling for gatherings and disseminating leaflets that damage the interest of the establishment unless these practices are part of syndicated activities.

10- Respecting Islam and the laws, customs and traditions prevailing in the country.

11- Avoid engaging in any activities that might harm the security of the country.

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