Meet the Talented Painter Mita Poddar

Lifestyle Wednesday 18/January/2017 19:42 PM
By: Times News Service
Meet the Talented Painter Mita Poddar

Why do you love painting?
I absolutely adore painting because it makes me feel blissful and gives me immense pleasure. Playing with colours on canvas gives me the opportunity to transform a blank canvas into a commendable piece of art to express my thought. Also, it allows me to shape my creativity moving beyond the language barriers and cultural variations which is the most unique characteristic of this medium.

How did you get into painting?
As a child, I found immense pleasure in painting and drawing. This recreational activity soon blossomed into a passionate hobby, as my interest in artistic interpretations and depictions grew.

Do you have any tips for parents on how to get their children interested in painting?
Often times art becomes more interesting when the artist feel some sort of connection to it. Children are most motivated when the subject is relevant to their interests. The subject could be anything like their favourite cartoon character, animal, scenery, and more. I believe children must be given enough freedom to use their imagination in choosing the subject. Encouragement from the parents and allowing children to spend more time with colours is very important to motivate them to move forward.

Does living in Oman influence your artwork?
Oman’s beauty, rich culture, and heritage have always been my greatest source of inspiration which helped me to transform a blank canvas into a beautiful artwork. Being an artist, it always gives me the freedom to express myself with my artwork. I love to experiment with several mediums such as acrylics, pastels, water colours, oil paints, embedded paints, knife painting, pencil sketches, clay arts, metal work, and many more.

Where are the best places to buy painting kits in Muscat?
For a professional it is must to have painting tools of right quality to get the best output. I feel Al Fikir Book Shop in Muscat is the best place with wide range of tools mostly required by the professionals. However, for beginners many options are available in the city supermarkets.

What’s your number one piece of advice when it comes to painting?
It’s all about attitude. We have the opportunity to experience God’s wonderful creations though our brush strokes. So why to miss it? Creative art ideas can be found almost everywhere, so start painting and let your imagination feel free.

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