6,000 new appointments in Oman civil service during 2015

Business Monday 16/January/2017 22:37 PM
By: Times News Service
6,000 new appointments in Oman civil service during 2015

Muscat: Close to six thousand new employees were recruited in 2015 in the civil service, according to National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI) data.
The educational services and education related supporting services accounted for the largest number of new employees with 2,641. Most of the new employees had university degrees.
Out of the 5,961 new employees the number in craft and public services jobs stood at 886. In medicine, public health and supporting services 866 new employees joined.
Administrative jobs and its supporting jobs saw 382 new employees while engineering and its supporting jobs got 268.
Jobs relating to culture, media and their supporting jobs absorbed 170 new employees, social, youth and sports services 87, agriculture and fisheries and their supporting jobs 71 employees, arts and tourism 59 employees, law and justice 51 employees.
In geological, physical and chemical research 25 new employees joined, in supervisory and leadership 19 new employees were absorbed, while advisers and experts accounted for 10 employees.
Religious jobs and their supporting jobs got eight new employees, senior management, environment and nature conservation accounted for four new employees, and diplomatic jobs two new staff.
Among the new appointees in the civil service 3,620 had college education, 725 diploma, 645 had below general education diploma, 542 general diploma holders and 429 were postgraduates.
The number of female new appointees in 2015 stood to 3,119 and male appointees stood at 2,842.
The number of new Omani appointees stood at 3,785, in comparison to 1,566 non-Omani appointees.