Oman tourism: Hotels in Oman gear up to celebrate New Year eve

Oman Monday 26/December/2016 22:49 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman tourism: Hotels in Oman gear up to celebrate New Year eve

MUSCAT: With the first of January fast approaching, hotels in Oman are ensuring that residents and tourists in the Sultanate are provided plenty of opportunity to welcome the New Year in style.
From gala poolside dinners featuring an eclectic array of exotic cuisines at famous hotels, to all-night parties at some of Muscat’s more hip locations, there’s something fun for everybody at New Year’s Eve 2016.
Although hotels across the nation are already busy, with December falling right in the middle of the tourism season in Oman, staff at the Grand Hyatt Hotel have ensured that visitors on the 31st of December are given a memorable sendoff to 2016.
“The New Year’s Eve parties at Grand Hyatt are always special,” said Sondos Omar, Marketing and Communications Manager for the hotel. “This year, we have brought in a special performing act, called the Motown Marbles, and they will be featured, in addition to our resident DJ.
“Our end-of-year party is always well attended because of our location, and that is our unique selling point,” she added. “Because we are in the heart of the city, it is easy to get to the Grand Hyatt, and it is the same, even when you’re looking to return home after the party. “We’ve had more reservations for this year than we did for last year, and we are always known for our great food, so we are looking forward to a good New Year’s Eve this year.”
The situation is similar at the Al Falaj Hotel in the heart of Muscat, where General Manager of Sales Praveen George is overseeing preparations to welcome 2017. “We’re flying in a special award-winning troupe of dancers, the Channa Upuli, from Sri Lanka for New Year’s Eve, and we’ve already received many reservations for our party on the 31st, so we are looking forward to it here at Al Falaj Hotel,” he said.
“We are not pricing it very high, and we also have some exciting prizes, such as airline tickets and a raffle draw, and we’ve got both a live DJ and the Slides Band performing throughout the night,” added George. “Last year, we had about 400 people, but this year, we’re looking to welcome about 500 people to our hotel,” he said. “We are going to have many unique dishes, and everything is going to be specially done for New Year’s Eve. We have got quite a good following for our food, so we are sure we will be able to make that count, also. We have a good clientele, who are already patronizing the hotel, and all levels of people are welcome to our hotel.”