#OmanPride: Antiques exhibition at SABCO Centre attracts visitors

More sports Tuesday 20/December/2016 22:20 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Antiques exhibition at SABCO Centre attracts visitors

Muscat: Omani antiques, some even dating back to the 16th century, are currently on display at the SABCO Centre. Drawing a large numbers of curious visitors and buyers every day, the exhibition has been organised by Hussein Ghaddar, a veteran fashion designer and antiques collector in Oman, who owns the Tahani Antiques shop at Jawaharat Al Shatti Mall, and the Tahani Fashion Stores.
16th and 18th centuries
Apart from exquisite jewellery made of precious metals, khanjars, carved wooden articles and leather ware, this exhibition includes valuable cameras, typewriters, telephones and gramophones, which belong to the period between 16th and 18th centuries.
On display at the exhibition is also a handwritten copy of the Holy Quran, along with gold and silver coins, watches, wall clocks and hangings, wallets, wooden doors with decorative carvings, coffeepots, incense burners, washbowls, copper and brass utensils, water pitchers and a lot more to delight the viewer.
“Oman is a country renowned for its art and culture. Its antique pieces are highly valued for their artistic quality and historical and cultural significance. As an art and antique collector, I’ve been collecting precious Omani antiques for over four decades.
“Now I want to showcase and share my collection for a wider audience and create more awareness about Oman’s ancient past and the creative excellence of its ancestors,” said Ghaddar, who opened the exhibition on November 18, in celebration of the Sultanate’s National Day. His collection has grown enormously over the years. Ghaddar is now thinking of setting up a museum where people can learn about Omani antiques, some of them dating back several centuries. Buyers can avail a 10 to15 per cent discount during the exhibition period, which will run until January 5, 2017.
According to Bouchra Danwra, one of the directors at the SABCO Group, “SABCO has been always committed to promoting the rich culture and heritage of Oman. We greatly appreciate Mr Hussein Ghaddar’s efforts to enhance public awareness about the Sultanate’s priceless antiques. I hope the exhibition will allow more people to know about Omani antiques and appreciate their heritage value.”