Water woes of Amerat over: PAEW

Energy Saturday 17/December/2016 21:45 PM
By: Times News Service
Water woes of Amerat over: PAEW

Muscat: Water distribution to Wilayat Amerat is back online after the sudden burst of the pipeline near Amerat yesterday afternoon.

A water pipeline suddenly burst in the late hours of the afternoon as people were heading back from work where the water flooded the roads and caused extra congestion.

The Public Authority for Water and Electricity (PAEW) sent a repair team immediately yesterday to fix the fault and they had predicted that repairs would be complete in 24 hours.

PAEW announced this morning that the pipeline is repaired and subscribers should expect a gradual flow of water in the next few hours.

“Repairs on the main pipeline to Wilayat Amerat is complete which was damaged yesterday by one of the companies working on a project in the Wilayat,” announced the PAEW.

“The repair team was able to complete their duty in 14 hours and we expect that water flow will resume gradually within the next few hours after the pressure in the network is stable.”