Oman dining: This weekend eat at Bar.B.Q Tonight

Lifestyle Monday 28/November/2016 18:35 PM
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Oman dining: This weekend eat at Bar.B.Q Tonight

Bar.B.Q Tonight

Must try
Chicken Behari Kabab


What’s It?
Thin tenderised strips of chicken marinated in a mix of hot spices, yoghurt, and oil for a long time before they are grilled or pan fried and is served with a spicy sauce. The end result is melt-in-the-mouth, spicy, tasty meat. To tenderise the meat raw papaya is used generally because the meat has to be really tender. This is the trademark of Behari kebabs.

Also Try
Bar.B. Q Tonight has an extensive menu catering in Pakistani, Afghanistani, Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. There are lots of dishes to try as their menu is quite a spread. We had Mutton Ribs, which is lamb ribs tenderised and steamed in rich spices and grilled over charcoal and is served with tamarind chutney. Mutton Kabuli pulao that is an Afghani dish had a distinct taste wherein the lamb meat is steamed gently with Afghani brown rice and flavoured with caramalised onions and garnished with dry fruits, carrots, and orange peel. Tempura prawns and barbecued jumbo prawns marinated in mustard, lemon juice and pepper is worth trying. Ginger chicken is another favourite where boneless chicken is cooked in a spicy tomato and ginger sauce and one must sip their very famous Pakola cream soda. It reminds you of ice-cream soda and is very refreshing.

What’s Special
Here in Oman, Bar.B.Q Tonight is very famous for their lunch and dinner buffets and brunches throughout the week with a wide variety of spread at an affordable price and the place is very spacious. They cater for parties too.
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Bar.B.Q Tonight
Way 3009, Al Sarooj
(Beside Ramada Hotel)
+968 9137 1711,
+968 2460 1711