Basics of sports training course starts at OOA
November 12, 2019 | 5:27 PM
Basics of sports training course organized by Oman Olympic Academy has kicked off on Tuesday morning

Muscat: Basics of sports training course organized by Oman Olympic Academy has kicked off on Tuesday morning and will continue until Thursday in the framework of its approved programs for this year.

This course sheds light on the development of the scientific and practical aspects of the sports coaches to enable them to design physical loads to enhance the physical and skill of players, as well as to identify the scientific foundations in building training programs in accordance with the principles and theories of sports training science.

The course aims to introduce the elements of physical fitness and design training programs for each element using scientific principles, and to develop the levels of participants scientifically and practically using the latest methods in the field of sports training and physical fitness, in addition to identify the scientific bases of warming-up and sports lengths. It also discusses the proper planning method to build the training program for the sports season based on the desired technical objectives. The course also aims to introduce scientific methods in designing training program for the daily training unit as well as the weekly training program.

And lecturer at the course Dr. Majid Al-Bousafi, Assistant Dean of the College of Education for University High Education at Sultan Qaboos University, and Dr. Nabil Qamada, Lecturer at the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University.

The course targets athletes specialized in competitions and fitness trainers, where they will be given scientific information to apply the foundations of sports training and fitness in accordance with the current qualification level of students, and provide them with the opportunity to activate the cooperation between them in the field of sports training and also to develop their research aspect in the field of Physical fitness.

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