Cyclone Kyarr: Oman's NCCD prepares to deal with after-effects of storm
October 29, 2019 | 4:35 PM
by Times News Service
Supplied photo.

Muscat: As Cyclone Kyarr approaches Oman’s coastline, the Sultanate’s National Committee of Civil Defence (NCCD) gears up to tackle the after-effects of the storm.

In this regard, NCCD issued its maiden report which stated: “Under the guidance of the inspector general of Police and Customs, and the chairman of the National Civil Defence Committee, NCCD is following up the developments of the pathway of the Tropical Cyclone Kyarr and its expected impact on Oman. This is being done in coordination with specialists of the Public Civil Aviation Authority and the National Centre for Multi-Hazard Early Warning."

“According to the several models and weather maps, it is likely that the tropical cyclone will pass along the coasts of South Al Sharqiah, Al Wusta and Dhofar, at a distance that is more than 200 kilometres and Oman will be affected by rising sea waves and varying degrees of rainfall and active winds,” the committee added.

On their plans to prepare for the impending cyclone, NCCD said: “The sub-committees of Civil Defence in these governorates and all major authorities have started to take the necessary steps to prepare and enhance their resources and capabilities to deal with the effects of the tropical situation and reduce its damages.”

Concerning these developments, and in the interest to keep people safety, NCCD calls on all citizens and residents in Oman to obtain information from official sources only and follow the instructions issued by them and take caution to protect their lives and property.

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