Tour Oman from the comfort of your own home

Oman Wednesday 09/November/2016 22:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Tour Oman from the comfort of your own home

Muscat: People in Oman will now be able to enjoy camping and outdoor trips at scenic locations in some of the country’s first Recreational Vehicles (RVs), which will soon be set up in Al Alshkhara in Sur and Salalah.
A partnership between Omran and Oman Motorhomes has been established to set up the first campgrounds for RVs in various key tourist areas in the Sultanate of Oman.
This step is part of a greater intent to focus on serving the tourism industry in Oman and introducing creative ideas to promote the sector.
With tourists strongly interested in activities, such as boat trips, hiking and camping in locations such as Sur, Al Jabal Al Akhdar and Masirah Island, the option of taking an RV to base themselves close to these activities is a dynamic addition to Oman’s tourism offering.
A campground consists typically of a place where a camper can park an RV and it may have playgrounds, recreation centres, walking paths, camp stores and most importantly electric power, water supply, waste management/disposal, and convenient stores.
Nasser Al Saadi, owner and managing director of Oman Motorhomes said, “The idea came from seeing these RVs in the United States. However for bringing them to Oman, we had to modify vehicles to suit the privacy of Omani families. There are lots of things people can do with the help of the facilities inside an RV, including using barbeques.
“If people want to order customised RVs, they have the option to do that through us and it will be delivered to them in two or three months.”
Despite the slowdown in the economy, Al Saadi said this is the perfect time to introduce RVs. “It’s the perfect time for these vehicles as people’s budgets are going down, so instead of choosing a hotel, they might as well go for RVs, plus they can also travel countrywide in a movable vehicle with all facilities.”
The starting rental price for RVs is OMR120 for smaller vehicles; however people can also buy these luxury rides if they wish. The starting price is OMR12,000 and can go up to millions depending on the customized facilities, furniture, exterior and interior alternations.
RVs carry luxurious amenities, a kitchen, bedrooms, living areas, and bathrooms inside them. They are sufficient as a standalone for few days in one place; however, it would always be better and secure to park in the campground where the RV would have minimum facilities such as hook ups for electric power, water supply and waste disposal in addition to other added services.
The agreement will provide another dimension to Oman’s developing tourism industry, and enable visitors to experience the Sultanate’s attractions in a new way.
With Oman’s national Tourism Strategy 2040 aiming to make tourism account for 6 per cent of the Sultanate’s GDP, additional offerings for local, regional and international visitors will support reaching this target.
Khalid Mirza, director of Projects Development at Omran, said, “It’s the right time to furnish the tourism sector with new creative ideas, such as the entrepreneurship concept offered by Oman Motorhomes, which will help in boosting tourism and offer a new activity for the internal and external tourists in Oman. This will create jobs for Omanis and support Omani SMEs at the local communities around the campgrounds.”
Oman Motorhomes is the authorised dealer in Oman for the world’s largest manufacturers of RVs.
“Oman Motorhomes strives to create a positive touristic experience while exploring the beauty of Oman in a convenient and affordable way for all customers. After a day of sightseeing, families can return to their RVs, cook their favourite meals at leisure and relax in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere,” Al Saadi added.
Nasser Al Saadi, owner and managing director of Oman Motorhomes can be contacted: 91255620