Oman tourism: North A’Sharqiyah is just right for a winter holiday

Oman Saturday 29/October/2016 22:22 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman tourism: North A’Sharqiyah is just right for a winter holiday

Ibra: With the beginning of winter, North A’Sharqiyah governorate is witnessing a large turnout of tourists from within and outside the Sultanate.
The tourists flock there to enjoy the diverse tourist spots including water springs, castles, forts, wadis and natural parks, camping, and the old neighbourhood, in addition to local markets and water ponds.
North A’Sharqiyah has a variety of terrains. In winter, these places play an important role in enriching winter tourism, as the Sultanate, in general, and the Governorate of North A’Sharqiyah, in particular, offer elements attractive for tourism during winter.
The winter tourism potential of the area is enriched by hotels, rest houses and tourist camps, coupled with offices specialising in travel and tourism.
Many springs in the area also attract visitors during the current period, notably in the Wilayat of Wadi Bani Khalid the “Duwa Spring,” “Kinarah Spring,” “Al Matjar Spring,” “Al Makhda Spring,” “Al Hajir Spring,” and “Alalah Spring.”
In the Wilayat of Dima Wa Ta’eein, there is the “Al Falaj Spring,” the “Falaj Al Murr Spring” (ancient irrigation system of water channel “Al Sukhnah Spring” and “Al Misfat Spring.”) These springs form a tourist asset for the governorate to preserve its natural beauty.
Of the most famous castles and forts, some are the Al Mantarib Fort in the Wilayat of Bidiya, the Bait Al Yahmadi in the Wilayat of Ibra, the Al Rawdha Castle and Al Khabib Fort in the Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi. They all play a vital role in highlighting the history of Oman. Then there are desert spots like the sands of Al Wahibah and camps spots like hose in the Wilayat of Bidiya.
The local markets highlight crafts and industries that characterise each wilayat of the governorate and served as meeting spots for trade caravans in the olden times. Today, these markets are an important element for tourism in the governorate, especially winter tourism.
During this period, many markets get busy, particularly the Wednesday Market in the Wilayat of Ibra, Tuesday and Thursday markets in Samad A’Shan and Sinaw in the Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi, in addition to the Monday Market in the Wilayat of Wadi Bani Khalid.
Regarding sports that contribute to the enrichment of tourism, particularly in the Wilayat of Bidiya, SUV cars are very popular and they form a kind of challenge and thrill for the fans of this sport as they find in it an outlet on the sand dunes away from residential neighbourhoods.
In support of tourism, the wilayats of the governorate include a variety of accommodation, such as hotels, guest houses and camping tourism. In the Governorate of North A'Sharqiyah, several accommodations are frequented by visitors and tourists alike. Among the hotels in the governorate are the A'Sharqiyah Sands Hotel, Ibra Hotel, Al Wesal Hotel in the Wilayat of Al Qabil, and Al Ghuzlan Hotel in the Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi.