Red Bull Car Park Drift qualifier to be held in Oman

Oman Tuesday 25/October/2016 22:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Red Bull Car Park Drift qualifier to be held in Oman

Muscat: Oman’s motorsport enthusiasts and drift fans are gearing up for the Red Bull Car Park Drift local qualifier this weekend. The event will be held in association with the Oman Automobile Association at the premises, kicking off at 7pm on Friday, October 28.
Two preliminary rounds have already taken place, identifying the top 16 drifters from across the nation, who will battle it out for the prestigious drifting title and the opportunity to compete in the final set to take place in December.
Over several exhilarating rounds, the drifter’s car handling skills will be put to test as they compete at speed over winding and narrow tracks. Drifters must push themselves and their cars to the limits as they jostle to take home the coveted ‘King of Drift.’ The event provides the perfect opportunity for motorsports fans of all ages to enjoy a hands-on and sensory drift experience.
“Motorsports, particularly drifting, has seen a surge of popularity in Oman in recent years,” said Suleiman Al Rawahi, managing director of the Oman Automobile Association.
“Oman is home to some of the region’s top drifters, which is an immense source of pride for us. We are excited to see the Red Bull Car Park Drift Qualifier this weekend, the biggest drifting competition in Oman.
“It is a wonderful experience for the public to see the best drifters from across the Sultanate battle it out. We were blown away by the positive feedback for the Oman Qualifiers in the past years; we can only imagine that the 2016 event will make its mark on motorsports history in the Sultanate.”