Edutrac Oman focuses on higher education opportunities

Business Saturday 22/October/2016 20:59 PM
By: Times News Service
Edutrac Oman focuses on higher education opportunities

Muscat: Edutrac Oman 2016 highlighted higher education opportunities in Oman and abroad.
The third edition of Edutrac played host to several universities and colleges from Oman and abroad, including 15 universities from the United States.
The three-day event was an excellent occasion for prospective students to get in touch with universities.
Nizam, a professional quality engineer, who wants to pursue his education outside Oman, said such events are an excellent opportunity, especially for people who are unable to get time off their work schedule to research universities online.
“I feel such events must happen in Oman more often as they help people decide their future place of study. Considering that we can talk to the university officials directly, it is the best place to be when in pursuit for higher education.”
Nizam also mentioned that if university counsellors are available at the event it would be easier for students to speak to them about their personal situation and make appropriate decisions.
Another visitor Faiq said such exhibitions help in improving communication between students and universities and therefore are more helpful than just online conversations.
“I have seen a lot of people come to this exhibition as ask about different opportunities available in the university. The face-to-face communication is much better than any other type of communication as the picture is clear and people can make better decisions about higher education,” he said.
Several university officials echoed the comments made by individuals, saying that such events give students more exposure to universities personally.
The event also played an important role in helping people select a suitable destination for higher education depending on their needs.