Royal Oman Police thwarts diesel smuggling attempt
September 16, 2019 | 3:30 PM
by Times News Service
Illustrative image.

Muscat: Two expats were arrested on charges of smuggling diesel, the Royal Oman police announced.

The Musandam coastguard seized one boat that was attempting to smuggle diesel fuel near Khamzar area.

In an online statement, the ROP said, "Musandam and Kumzar Coast Guard police boats seized a diesel smuggling boat near Khamzar area in Wilayat Khasab, carrying two expats, and the individuals were arrested on charges of diesel smuggling."

It added: “450 litres of diesel were seized.”

Meanwhile, Coast Guard patrols assisted two boats, with five people on board, in Musandam after their engine broke down at sea.

“They all were in stable health condition,” ROP further said.

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