Help us catch drug dealers in Oman: ROP
September 15, 2019 | 11:15 AM
by Times News Service
File photo

Muscat: The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has called on people in Oman to help the authorities catch drug dealers by reporting all information related to narcotics.

This announcement by the ROP comes after the officers caught a person in South Al Batinah and four others in Al Dakhiliyah for the possession of narcotics with the intention of selling them to others.

"Police Command in South Al Batinah has arrested one person accused of possession and smuggling narcotics with the intention of distribution and use,” said the police. "He was caught with 2.5 kilograms of the narcotic 'hashish', and legal procedure is being carried out against him.”

On increasing co-operation with the locals, the ROP said: "The Royal Oman Police invites all citizens and residents to cooperate in combating the scourge of drugs and to report to police officers of any information that can help the authorities uncover drug suppliers and dealers.

"This can be done by going in person to the nearest police station or by calling the hotline for the Directorate General for Combatting Narcotics on 1444," the statement added.

In another case, four expats were arrested for the possession of an unspecified narcotic.

Regarding the arrest, a statement from the ROP read: "Police Command in Al Dakhiliyah has arrested for people from an Asian nationality accused of possessing narcotics with the intention of distribution and use. Legal procedures are being carried out against the accused.”

The arrest of these accused is the latest in a spate of drug-related apprehensions from the Royal Oman Police.

On 8 September, two expats were arrested for possession and trade of narcotics in South Batinah, with the ROP saying, “The Drug Combating Department led by South Batinah Police managed to arrest two expats for the possession and trade of narcotics.”

Two others were arrested for drug possession in the same governorate, four days prior.

About a month prior, five people were arrested for the possession of Khat. The accused were a part of an international drug trafficking ring.

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