Huge participation in mega triathlon in Oman

Energy Friday 07/October/2016 22:58 PM
By: Times News Service
Huge participation in mega triathlon in Oman

Muscat: It was wet, sandy, gritty and gruelling, but those who survived Oman’s biggest ever triathlon punched the air with delight yesterday and shared hugs at the finish line.
Hundred and ten men and women from 24 different countries participated in what has now been labelled as the largest triathlon in the history of Oman.
Registration opened around 9:30 am on Friday, where individuals and national teams gathered in anticipation of the long day.
There were two grades of racers, Olympians who would cover 51.5 kilometres worth of water and land, and sprinters, who would cover 25.75 kilometres.
At 3 pm, the shore was lined with the triathletes, each with a specific coloured swimming cap: red for sprint and grey for Olympic.