Made in Oman: Defining design, branding identity

Lifestyle Wednesday 28/September/2016 17:58 PM
By: Times News Service
Made in Oman: Defining design, branding identity

Name: Nada Musabah Al Masoudi together with my business partner Azza Al Kharousi
Hometown: Muscat
Company Name: Al Etijahat for Design
Business Type: Designing (Branding, graphic and motion graphic, Interior design)
Year Started: 2012
Claim To Fame: Present in the market to cover your design requirements
Number of Employees: 3
Inspiration: From everything, the environment, people, websites, etc.

What inspired you to start your business?
Actually, we were already working online when we were students at college. After graduation we decided to directly open our own business and create a name in the market. We love what we do so it is nice to have a project that reflects this love.

How do you describe your business to your best buddy?
A 100% Omani business which offers integrated design services within accurate timeframes.

What’s your favourite service that you offer?
The branding services we provide to our clients, because we need to create a story and new design for their businesses. Moreover, it is also very nice to see when our clients are satisfied.

What was your biggest obstacle when you first got started?
So many obstacles. But mostly when we first started the main obstacle was to get the clients’ trust.

What’s your biggest challenge now that you are up and running?
The biggest challenge for us right now is to expand our services and expand our team. It is not easy to have a highly professional team working in the field of design.

What do you personally see is your greatest success so far?
Every single day working in my own business it is a success; it gives us the passion to do something different.

What is your dream for your company?
To become the best company providing branding and designing services in Oman. Also, to expand our business to the regional and international market.

What do you hope to see as far as the development of your industry as a whole in Oman?
More training in design should be provided and more opportunities for newly graduated designers offered.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about starting a business here in Oman, what would it be?
You can start your own business, you just need to put together a strong strategy and business plan. Just think for answers for what, how, when and why.

If you were free to design whatever thing in the world what would it be, and why?
I would convert one of the worlds’ islands into an art gallery, a full new world for designers’ inspiration. —[email protected]

Location: Knowledge Oasis Muscat
Contact: Email: [email protected] / Call: + 968 9297 2177; + 968 9262 6421
Your Social Media: @Etijahat_des /