INFINITI QX60 offers safety at the core of technology with Backup Collision Intervention System
July 31, 2019 | 11:46 AM
by Times News Service

Muscat: Further proving INFINITI’s innovation and concern for the safety of drivers, INFINITI QX60, the seven-passenger SUV offers Back-up Collision Intervention System (BCI).

With safety at the core of technology, the BCI system is designed to help prevent accidents while reversing up the vehicle. In order to do so, it involves a range of sensors in crucial locations. These sensors are able to detect both moving objects, such as crossing traffic or incoming vehicles, and larger stationary objects that a driver may not be aware of. This allows the system to provide extra protection in case the driver happens to miss a moving or stationary object while backing up.

A senior spokesperson at INFINITI Oman said, “INFINITI QX60 is about safety at the core of technology. With the BCI system, drivers can reverse with confidence and avoid collisions before they occur. The system has a range of indicators in place to ensure that drivers are aware of potential collisions while backing up, and it is designed so that a driver will use three of their senses when receiving these warnings: sight, hearing, and touch. When the vehicle is still approaching and a driver still has sufficient time to react, they will hear a brief audio alert and see a flashing light in the vehicle to indicate its approach.”

Avoiding collision

If for some reason a driver doesn’t notice the first warning indicators of an approaching vehicle or don’t react in time, Backup Collision Intervention will take appropriate steps to avoid collision and keep them safe. This comes in the form of a red indicator on the display unit of the vehicle accompanied by three beeps. At the same time, the system will automatically push backward on the accelerator and engage the brakes so the driver doesn’t hit the moving or stationary object.

Audio and visual warnings

The INFINITI QX60 doesn’t just keep you safe with the Backup Collision Intervention system; this is just one of many innovative features offered by INFINITI to prevent accidents and serious injuries if the worst does occur. Around View Monitor and Moving Object Detection systems give the driver a 360-degree view of the area around the crossover’s display. Moving Object Detection gives drivers both audio and visual warnings and cues to help them park their vehicles, even when parallel parking.

Other great features that will keep the driver safe are Blind Spot Intervention and Lane Departure Prevention, which work with the existing Blind Spot Warning and Lane Departure Warning systems. These intervention and prevention systems take the warnings found in many vehicles a step further by automatically helping the drivers to stay in their lane when a potential collision is detected. Other innovative safety features worth mentioning include Brake Assist with Preview, Intelligent Brake Assist, and the INFINITI Advanced Air Bag System.

Innovative safety features

The goal of INFINITI is to keep drivers safe, and that clearly comes through in its innovative safety features. When driving the INFINITI QX60, simply remember that a driver should still follow the standard safety methods while driving, but they will always have peace of mind with Backup Collision Intervention and other advanced safety features.

INFINITI QX60 has always delivered in spades on the technology front. Added to the INFINITI QX60 is Forward Emergency Braking (FEB) with Pedestrian Detection. When combined with the already existing features like Predictive Forward Collision Warning, Backup Collision Intervention and Around View Monitor, it makes for one of the safest 7 seat crossovers in its segment from a technology perspective.

INFINITI QX60’s suspension components and settings combine to deliver superior levels of both comfort and agility, while a revised steering system delivers greater feedback for a more rewarding drive. Featuring Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, the QX60 is offered with a powerful and efficient 3.5-litre V6 gasoline engine.

Lavishly enriched, the versatile INFINITI QX60 emphasizes comfort and utility. Exceeding segment expectations by providing flexible and accessible seating for up to seven, the premium crossover delivers superior standards of comfort and luxury. Presenting high-class design, driving dynamics and best-in-class levels of interior luxury and convenience, the exterior of the QX60 reflects INFINITI’s design-led approach to product development, and a desire to craft vehicle forms which combine power and confident artistry through taut, muscular shapes and flowing lines.

Striking with its powerful elegance and craftsmanship, the QX60 has become an important part of INFINITI’s growth strategy.

Premium design

Featuring superior interior and exterior design with a collection of assistive and in-built technologies, the INFINITI QX60 which is a fantastic three-row luxury crossover stays ahead of the curve by bringing a unique offering to the segment. While it impresses auto enthusiasts with its array of features, INFINITI QX60’s intelligent technology, advanced performance, and leading-edge craftsmanship has brought it new fans too.

INFINITI QX60’s innovative design gives it both luxurious versatility and visual appeal, besides its improved interior design with a suite of assistive and intuitive technologies provide versatility precisely tailored to the needs of every guest. Furthermore, the state-of- the-art INFINITI QX60 is completely redesigned from the exterior and also boasts a host of new features and technologies that enhance comfort, convenience and safety.

The redesigned double-arch grille at the front is flanked by standard-fit bi-xenon headlamps. There is greater use of LED lighting, including new LED Daytime Running Lights as well as front fog lamps which feature LED lighting and chrome finishers. It also features the signature brand design cues such as double-wave bonnet, and crescent-cut D-pillar. On the interior, INFINITI QX60 offers the signature driver-oriented cockpit, highlighted by thin chrome accents as well as an upper instrument panel has been wrapped in soft-touch material with contrast stitching.

SBA commitment

SBA is largely committed to supporting INFINITI Oman’s growth in the Sultanate through major emphasis on customer satisfaction and by providing world-class after-sales services in Oman. With a national network of more than 40 showrooms, service centers and parts outlets, SBA has further built upon its legacy of trust, excellent customer service and providing value for money to each of its customers.

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