CBO issues commemorative silver coin for Renaissance Day
July 22, 2019 | 3:11 PM
by Times New Service
The Central Bank of Oman/File photo.

Muscat: To commemorate Oman’s Renaissance Day, Central Bank Of Oman has issued a new silver commemorative coin.

The coin was issued in cooperation with the Office of Chief of Staff of the Sultan’s Armed Forces and the Central Bank of Oman to commemorating the 30th anniversary of the inauguration of the Sultan's Armed Forces Museum.

According to the Central Bank, the commemorative coin is a legal tender for its face value and can be purchased from Central Bank of Oman. The price of the coin is subject to change in accordance with the variations in the price of silver in the international market.

The official inauguration of the coin will be held on 25 July, at the Sultan's Armed Forces Museum, and the coins will be available for sale at the Central Bank of Oman starting from Sunday, 28 July.

The distinctive features of the coin include a Coat of Arms (Khanjar), the name of the country (Sultanate of Oman), the name of Central Bank of Oman, and denomination in both Arabic and English on the front.

On the other side, the coin depicts a coloured photo of the Sultan’s Armed forces museum building and the logo of the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Sultan’s Armed Forces.

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