Relax and rejuvenate at Dhofar Heights
July 17, 2019 | 10:19 PM
by Sheikha Al Maqhusi

Muscat: The mountains and plains of Oman’s southern region of Dhofar remain a favourite destination among visitors this Khareef season, thanks to the cool, refreshing weather and breathtaking views.

The Nashib, Samhan and Jebel Qamar heights are among the most famous highlands among those looking to relax and recuperate in the Dhofar Governorate.

Tourists can reach the Nashib Heights via the Salalah - Taqah road, by taking the Nashib roundabout to the north. From Nashib tourists can also reach the town of Al Haq, located around 20 kilometres away, via road.

Furthermore, the Jebel Qamar mountain range towards the east stretches for approximately 70 kilometres and due to its proximity to the coastline, offers beautiful views of the cliffs that run between Oman and Yemen.

Photo by Adil Salim

Jebel Samhan is one of the highest mountain ranges in Oman, with its peak reaching a lofty 2,100 metres. From the top of Jebel Samhan, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the coastal plain north of Mirbat, some 25 kilometres away. Tawi Attir is another stunning mountainous area. It is located 26 kilometres from the centre of Mirbat and is covered with grass blanketed hills that catch the eye.

This tourist destination is home to a great number of beautiful attractions, such as the Taiq Cave and the Anti-Gravity Hill. It is also famous for handicraft products.

Furthermore, those visiting Salalah can head over to the Salalah Tourism Festival 2019, which has a variety of events and activities on offer over the next few weeks. It will host concerts, ceremonies, and entertainment events, among a wide range of other activities.

The main theatre, the state theatre and the children’s theatre are hosting activities that include aerobic games and other fun activities.

The festival, which began on July 11, will end on 23 August.

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