Over 9,000 babies born in Royal Hospital last year
July 9, 2019 | 5:26 PM
by Times News Service
Image credits: Oman MOH/Facebook.

Muscat: Over nine thousand babies were born in the Royal Hospital during 2018, according to the Ministry of Health.

The hospital also had almost 30,000 female patients who came for gynaecology and pregnancy services during 2018. They used the department's 145 internal beds, as well as the 21 outpatient clinics for ailments that included everything from tumours to c-section operations, as well as diabetes care during the pregnancy period.

A statement by the Ministry said, “The latest statistics issued by the Royal Hospital indicated that the number of births reached around 9,628 during 2018.”

This marked an increase of 33 per cent compared to 2008, during which time there were 6,456 births.

The hospital’s work in this field includes admitting large numbers of women into the hospital beds for the care they need.

The statement added: “The statistics also showed that the 21 specialised outpatient clinics of gynaecology and obstetrics at the Royal Hospital have seen 28,831 clients during 2018 and admitted 23,071 cases.”

“The Department has 145 beds divided into four sections; the admission section with a capacity of 112 beds, a 20-bed gynaecology section, a six-bed emergency unit, a critical care section with eight beds, and the specialist outpatient clinics, ,” the statement read, adding that there were 21 outpatient clinics including 13 pregnancy and birth , as well as 10 gynaecology clinics.

The pregnancy and birth clinics in the hospitals work around the clock to treat whatever ailment pregnant women may face, including “early pregnancy, maternal medicine, high-risk pregnancy, foetal medicine, gestational diabetes, delayed pregnancy and frequent pregnancy,” as well as a special clinic for pregnant women with blood diseases, heart ailments and microbial infections. The number of surgical or laparoscopic interventions in gynaecology & obstetrics stood at 3,645 surgeries, ranging across complex, intermediate and minor operations. The most prominent surgical interventions in the clinics were in caesarean sections, hysterectomy by endoscopy, complex operations for cases with tumours in the ovarian and cervix area, as well as operations for endometriosis cases of third and fourth degrees.

The outpatient clinics also have a number of clinics specialized in different gynaecology fields including fertility, gynaecologic oncology, hysteroscopy & hormone-related disorders, general gynaecology as well as a cervix clinic and a joint clinic between the gynaecology and the National Diabetes & Endocrine Centre.

In addition, the outpatient clinics perform specific tests in chromosomes of both chorionic and amniotic fluid.

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