Electronic signature service to accelerate dealings in Oman

Oman Saturday 20/August/2016 11:24 AM
By: Times News Service
Electronic signature service to accelerate dealings in Oman

Muscat: Electronic dealings in Oman are becoming faster as the Ministry of Commerce and Industry started the e-signature service through mobile phones for the dealings offered by Invest Easy gate.

Before this, the service was restricted to electronic signature by the civil ID. This technique has been applied as a new addition to accelerate the dealings and to make it easier for the dealers with the gate.

The application aims to facilitate offering the services of business sector and services related to trade work in the Sultanate. It also aims to save time and effort.

Moreover, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is the first department that recruits "Tamm" service –which means "done" in Arabic- that is offered by the National Centre for Digital Certification affiliated to the Information Technology Authority in Invest Easy project.
In the beginning, only the registration to the gate was possible through mobile phones. However, now the service includes signing dealings and trusting too. Hence, a dealer can have electronic dealings, sign dealings and trusting digitally through Invest Easy gate by mobile phone; in accordance with the law of electronic dealings.

Options and Advantages
Invest Easy gate provides two options to sign electronic dealings and trusting: one is by the civil ID and the other is by mobile phones. An investor is free to choose the suitable way if the commercial register has five or less investors. But if the commercial register has more than 5, then only the mobile phone signature option is available.

It is worth mentioning that this service is based on the availability of a mobile phone chip that has the digital certification technique; it is available at communication service providers in the Sultanate. The chip shall be activated when activating the civil ID at any of the civil status centers, affiliated to Royal Oman Police in different states and governorates of the Sultanate. Or after that by visiting the link: www.oman.om/tam and following the steps. The mobile chip must be owned by the person who uses the service.

It is worth to mention that Invest Easy gate is the principal gate for commercial registration in the Sultanate. Today, it includes 76 electronic services and the service of smart phone application. With this number of electronic services, 90% of the services offered to investors through offices are now electronic services and available in Invest Easy around the clock.