Oman education: Children learn ‘green’ lessons at summer art workshop

Oman Tuesday 16/August/2016 22:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman education: Children learn ‘green’ lessons at summer art workshop

Muscat: Muscat Municipality celebrated on Tuesday the closing ceremony of the 10th Summer Centre in Bait Al Baranda, which was run between July 31 and August 7 under the slogan “Become Green.”
The ceremony was held under the patronage of Jamil bin Ali bin Sultan, a board member of the WJ Towell Group, in the presence of the children’s parents.
Exhibition halls at the centre housed a large number of diverse art works made by 135 students, who trained for different activities during the past two weeks, including attending workshops on electronics, Origami art and drawing on wood.
The Summer Centre aimed to encourage the preservation of environment and recycle raw materials.
Karim Al Rawahi, a visual artist who coached children in the wood drawing workshop, said such training is new to Oman, as the craft is often practiced by seniors and experienced artists in the field of sculpture.
His workshop was inspired by Islamic architecture.
The sponsor of the event honoured all the children and teachers and handed over prizes.