#OmanPride: A pioneering artist with an ambitious plan

More sports Monday 15/August/2016 21:39 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: A pioneering artist with an ambitious plan

Muscat: A winner since her school days, Sana Al Humaidi was selected by teachers to represent the school in nearly every art competition.
They knew she had the potential for something big. Many years later, Al Humaidi has not disappointed.
She joined the Society of Fine Arts in 2004 and ever since then she hasn’t looked back. She started with the prime society of artists and art enthusiasts by attending their workshops. The next was getting back to her winning ways by successfully competing in competitions organised by the society and winning a lot of them.
With the dream of doing something for her nation in the field of fine arts, Al Humaidi joined the Women’s Society in 2013, which requires its members to organise events or activities. As a result, she took up various activities in arts.
In 2014, she created Oman Art, which included 16 art exhibitions in different locations and was aimed at helping unknown and younger artists showcase their paintings to a larger audience.
Few of the exhibitions turned out to be very profitable as several enthusiasts purchased paintings. Even today, she organises exhibitions and helps promote artists in Oman and thereby reaping financial benefits through it.
Her portfolio of artistic abilities is diverse and it can be found on her Instagram page called ‘Sanaart,’ which boasts of a magnificent array of different styles of art.
She also has her own YouTube channel and an organisation that manages fine art exhibitions, called Oman Art.
The organisation promotes upcoming artists in the Sultanate and organises exhibitions, featuring paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and digital art.
According to Al Humaidi, fine arts in Oman need a financial push from investors and a more passionate approach from artists.
Most of the artists are unknown and there is no personal appreciation for them as no one knows who made a certain painting.
This creates a chasm of difficulties as there is no real motivation for them to continue with their art.
She wants artistic impressions in Oman to be used on a day-to-day basis, such as in calendars, mugs, etc bearing the name of the artist so that they become well known.
Al Humaidi is also optimistic about the future of fine arts in Oman and said many younger people have taken up this form of art.
With the passage of time and with more money being invested in them, they could become excellent artists some day.