Tejarah Talks dives into an ocean of possibilities

Oman Monday 27/May/2024 16:30 PM
By: Times News Service
Tejarah Talks dives into an ocean of possibilities

Muscat: Taking a deep dive into the economic and investment potential of sustainable ocean practices, Tejarah Talks will host “The Blue Economy: Making Waves” 7:30pm Tuesday 4 June at Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Creating thousands of jobs in fisheries, tourism, shipping, manufacturing and logistics in communities right across Oman, this emerging sector is already establishing itself to be a major driver of long-term development.

Moderated by Jamal Al Asmi, Executive Producer RealityCG, the eco-focused session will feature industry experts Dr. Bashair Al Riyami, Manager, Economic Diversification Investment, Food & Fisheries Sector, Oman Investment Authority; Badr Al Naabi, Group Director, Business Development, Fisheries Development Oman; Captain Ala’a Aziz, Marine Operations Manager, ASYAD; and Zakariya Al Hasni, CEO, International Seafood Company.

“It is estimated oceans generate up to $6 trillion in global revenues annually, facilitate around 90 percent of world trade and support over 350 million direct and indirect jobs. And this economic value is projected to double by 2030,” noted Maymuna Al Adawi, Director, Public-Private Partnerships, Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) and Tejarah Talks organiser.

Addressing the critical role our oceans playing in regulating the climate by absorbing 25 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions and capturing 90 percent of the excess heat generated by these emissions, the environmentally aware panel will take as its starting point how investment in sustainable maritime practices can drive economic benefits while addressing climate change.

Also under the microscope will be reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of shipping as well as the implications of United Nations High Seas Treaty for Oman’s maritime industry.

The treaty represents a significant step towards sustainable ocean management and underscores the need for Omani businesses to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

“Protecting our oceans is not just an environmental imperative but an economic one. The Blue Economy holds vast potential for job creation and sustainable development. By investing in our ocean resources, we can secure a prosperous future for Oman’s youth as well as attract foreign investment, talent and facilitate knowledge transfer,” said MoCIIP’s Al Adawi.

Supported by Jindal Shadeed, Nortal, MHD, Apex Transgulf Manufacturing, Invest Oman Lounge, OCEC and Oman FM – this edition of Tejarah Talks aims to provide insights into how the Blue Economy can attract investment and create jobs while ensuring the health of ocean ecosystems.

This session will be particularly relevant for businesses, policymakers and stakeholders interested in the future of Oman’s maritime activities and their economic impact.