Air India Express Union seeks central labour commissioner's intervention amid operational crisis

World Wednesday 22/May/2024 08:02 AM
Air India Express Union seeks central labour commissioner's intervention amid operational crisis

New Delhi: The Air India Express (AIX) employees union has written a second letter to the Central Labour Commissioner urgently requesting intervention in the airline's ongoing operational crisis.

This letter, penned by KK Vijayakumar, the Union President, highlighted critical issues that are affecting flight operations and cabin crew welfare.

In the letter, Vijayakumar expressed shock and surprise over the continued flight cancellations and delays attributed to crew constraints, even though all cabin crew had reported back for duty by May 10, 2024, following a conclusion in the conciliation process.

"Upon inquiry, it has come to our notice that the operations department lost cabin crew data due to the transition from old software ARMS to the new CAE app managed by the scheduling department. The concerned department has asked the crew to submit their details for updating the data in the new system," Vijayakumar stated.

The letter also detailed further complications, noting that over 100 cabin crew members have been idle for the last two months due to the non-availability of Airport Entry Passes.

"And to cover up daily flight cancellations and delays, cabin crew are manually assisting the scheduling department base-wise. The cabin crew are doing their utmost to restore and operate flights on time for public convenience. Furthermore, the reduced number of departures is adversely affecting the cabin crew's salaries," the letter read.

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that after the Delhi Labour Commissioner's intervention and a subsequent meeting between him, management, and the protesting staff, the protest was called off following assurances, including the reinstatement of 25 suspended crew members. However, numerous issues related to the rostering system continue to persist.

The union's appeal underscores the urgent need for resolving the technical and logistical issues that have severely disrupted AIX's operations, affecting both the workforce and passengers. The intervention of the Central Labour Commissioner is sought to expedite the resolution and restore normalcy to flight schedules and crew assignments.