Municipality removes charity water bottles over safety concerns
June 13, 2019 | 3:23 PM
by Times News Service
File photo of the Muscat Municipality building.

Muscat: Muscat Municipality has removed a large number of water bottles that a team of Omani volunteers had tied to the iron rails of the Al-Amerat Mountain road, with the intention of aiding anyone whose car breaks down along the road due to high heat.

Explaining its decision, the municipality called the gesture well-intentioned, but a safety hazard, thanks to the possibility of these water bottles rolling down the street and striking oncoming traffic.

According to the municipality, “There had been varying opinions about why these containers had been removed by Muscat Municipality.”

The statement by the Municipality read: “While Muscat Municipality appreciates the good intentions of this gesture, the Municipality’s specialization and responsibility to manage the road network and to make certain that the roads are safe and free of any objects that interfere with public appearance or can cause an accident, the municipality has decided that there is a chance of the water containers rolling down the road while full of water, which would cause terrible consequences, which is also true of the water bottles flying into traffic when empty.

“Furthermore, the water bottles are spread along the road, which can make collecting them difficult for cleaning staff in case they are left empty or neglected for a time, particularly if we consider how far away the road’s exits are from one another.”

This gesture is considered the first of its kind, according to the municipality.

“As the gesture can be considered that first of its kind, if it is left as is it can be an excuse that others will use to leave objects on the road for any other reason.

“The municipality values all social initiatives that aim to support it. At the same time, the municipality hopes that such initiatives can start with directly contacting the municipality in order to take the input of official authorities so that the ideas can be coordinated and executed in a way that does not harm the public good.”

The municipality added that all drivers who fear their car may break down should have their vehicles examined and carry everything they may need with them, including water, especially if the vehicle needs such supplies.

It also added that there are alternative paths to Al Amerat for those who fear that their car may have technical issues, and that there are services available to those whose vehicles face issues.

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