‘Women on Wheels’ initiative launched

Oman Sunday 14/April/2024 20:16 PM
By: Times News Service
‘Women on Wheels’ initiative launched

Muscat: In a ground breaking move towards fostering diversity and inclusivity, ReadyMix Muscat  a member of Holcim group has proudly introduced its innovative initiative – ‘Women on Wheels’ in Oman.

Huda Salim Al-Mahrouqi, one of the first Omani heavy duty truck driver who has been honoured to successfully join Ready Mix Muscat, ‘Women on Wheels’ initiative, expressed her genuine gratitude for the training programme and subsequent work opportunity. Her experience stands as a clear indication of the positive influence of the programme on the lives of Omani women seeking unconventional career paths. Huda’s journey reflects the broader vision of ReadyMix Muscat – to empower women and create a more inclusive workforce.

This initiative seeks to create new opportunities and integrate Omani women into various career sectors, particularly focusing on breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields. One of the key aspects of this programme is to provide Omani women with unconventional work experiences, opening doors to professions that were previously considered beyond their capabilities.

Daniel Mendible, the general manager of ReadyMix Muscat, Lafarge Holcim, has underscored the significance of the ‘‘Women on Wheels’ initiative in Oman.

He noticed a recent increase in female representation within the organisation, affirming the company’s belief in the competence approach toward fostering diversity.

With a great pride, he announced the launch of ‘’Women on Wheels’ in Oman, an initiative aimed to support and empower women’s capability in all carriers. ReadyMix Muscat is honoured to be the first Gulf country to introduce such a programme, reflecting its commitment to pioneering innovative solutions.

Ultimately, Shameem Mansoor Al-Mahrizi, Quality Control Engineer at ReadyMix Muscat, Lafarge Holcim, mentioned that upon joining the company in August 2023 as an intern, she had conceived the idea of Women on Wheels.
However, when she proposed the idea to her General Manager, she learned that Holcim had already introduced this initiative in other countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Jordan.

As a result Shameem Al-Mahrizi had the priviledge to take lead and launch this programme succesfully in the Sultanate of Oman, despite facing some obstacles in tackling non-stereotypical workforce for women in the Arab society.
She expressed gratitude to Lafarge Holcim, Ready Mix Muscat and team for giving such an opportunity to execute and successfully roll out this programme.