Haiti: UN maternity aid looted in Port-au-Prince as humanitarian crisis worsens

World Monday 18/March/2024 06:18 AM
Haiti: UN maternity aid looted in Port-au-Prince as humanitarian crisis worsens

Port-au-Prince: Amid a worsening humanitarian crisis, a container containing necessities for newborn babies and their mothers--including resuscitators and other vital supplies--was looted in Port-au-Prince on Saturday, CNN reported citing UNICEF.

The UNICEF said in a statement that the incident took place as gang violence and a humanitarian crisis has escalated in the Haitian capital.

The theft of the supplies "occurs at a critical moment when children need them the most," said UNICEF representative Bruno Maes in Haiti. "

Looting of supplies that are essential for life saving support for children must end immediately and humanitarian access must remain safe," Maes added, according to CNN.

The already failing Haitian healthcare system has gotten worse since January due to violence.

According to UNICEF, three out of four women and children in the Port-au-Prince region lack access to basic nutrition and public health services, CNN reported.

In the capital, there are just two operational surgical operating rooms.

Lack of fuel, electricity, and medical supplies has left six out of ten hospitals in the nation unable to operate.

The Haitian National Police (HNP) said on Saturday that the violence has persisted in recent days, with multiple "bandits" slain during a police operation in a Port-au-Prince neighbourhood where gang leader Jimmy "Barbeque" Cherizier resides and conducts business.

There aren't many safe places left in Haiti. Gangs have barricaded all highways going away from Port-au-Prince these days. Notwithstanding their inadequate means, national police have retaliated.

The international airport and all ports are closed down.

Additionally, nothing is arriving. Food is running out at grocery stores, petrol stations are empty, and hospitals lack blood.