Daring rescue of 2 divers off Fahal Island

Oman Tuesday 06/February/2024 18:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Daring rescue of 2 divers off Fahal Island

MUSCAT: A tranquil afternoon on a weekend swiftly transformed into a gripping saga of rescue and camaraderie when Neil Abbott and his companion Nathan Marriott found themselves thrust into the heart of a maritime emergency off Fahal Island.

Along with two other volunteers, Gareth Simmonds and Justin Meyers, the quartet successfully rescued two divers who went missing for a few hours.

It was a Friday afternoon and the leisurely plans for a beachside barbecue of Abbott and his friends were abruptly shelved as news reached them of two stranded divers from a commercial vessel. Without hesitation, they rallied the Ras Al Hamra Sub Aqua Club’s dive volunteers to the cause.

Amidst the backdrop of turbulent waters, Abbott and Marriott hastily prepared a rescue vessel, laden with essential safety gears, under the watchful eye of the club’s safety post.

“The conditions were challenging, but we knew we had to act swiftly,” remarked Abbott. With their steely resolve, along with Gareth Simmonds and Justin Meyers, they embarked on a joint effort to locate the missing divers.

In a coordinated manoeuvre, the team split their efforts, scouring the sea in two directions.

“We knew time was of the essence,” noted Marriott, as tension mounted with each passing minute.

Yet, amidst the uncertainty, a glimmer of hope emerged when the other vessel manned by Simmonds and Meyers finally spotted the divers near a looming tanker.

“The sight of the divers, safe and sound, was a moment of profound relief,” recounted Simmonds, echoing the sentiment shared by the entire rescue team.

With the arrival of the Royal Oman Police patrol boat lending support, the operation culminated in the successful rescue of the stranded divers. “It was a joint effort that truly exemplified the spirit of teamwork,” remarked Meyers.

As the divers were safely escorted back to their vessel, Abbott reflected on the harrowing ordeal. “In the face of adversity, solidarity prevailed,” he said, his voice tinged with gratitude. Amidst the vast expanse of the sea, bonds were forged, and lives were saved—a testament to the indomitable spirit of human compassion and unity in the face of perilous waters.