Al Jazir: A splendid getaway for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers

We Love Oman Thursday 01/February/2024 14:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Al Jazir: A splendid getaway for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers

Muscat: The Wilayat of Al Jazir, in Al Wusta Governorate, is distinguished by its picturesque nature and its various coastal, mountainous and desert environments, as well as coasts and creeks extending along its coastal areas.

 The wilayat is distinguished by the presence of many tourist places, such as pink lakes, which form a wonderful artistic painting, in which salt water collects and takes on a pink as a result of a lack of oxygen, which causes the death of bacteria, algae, and marine plankton.

 Ras Souqra, one of the most prominent tourist places in Al Jazir, witnesses the influx of many tourists due to the splendor and beauty of the place and its cold weather throughout the year, in addition to the fact that it is a destination for fishing enthusiasts.

 Al Raha Beach in Niyabat Al-Lakbi is also one of the most important tourist sites in the wilayat and an attraction distination for camping enthusiasts due to the calmness of the beach and its proximity to Commercial area.

 His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Sultan Al Busaidi, Governor of Al Jazir, said that Al Jazir provides all basic services, such as educational and health aspects, electricity, water, and paved roads in the various villages and districts of the wilayat, explaining that many development projects are currently being implemented by Al Wusta Governorate, including Al Jazir Public Park and the Ras Soukra Development Project. In addition to Al Lakabi Beach waterfront development project.

 His Excellency added in a statement to the Oman News Agency that the state is rich in many archaeological monuments and tourist attractions, in addition to the presence of fish resources such as charkha, which fishermen in wilayat of Al-Jazar depend on as a source of income for them.