Oman Arab Bank Collaborates With TickOne To Provide Training Opportunities For Job Seekers

Roundup Tuesday 30/January/2024 19:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Arab Bank Collaborates With TickOne To Provide Training Opportunities For Job Seekers

Muscat: Oman Arab Bank (OAB) has announced a pioneering partnership with TickOne, a leading training and qualification platform, to offer graduating students and job seekers with access to a broad range of training opportunities. Aligned with the objectives set by the National Employment Program and the Ministry of Labor, the collaboration underscores a strong national focus on professional development and enhancing career training opportunities among Omani youth.

Essam Al Busaidi, Head of Human Resources Division at Oman Arab Bank, said, "The bank’s collaboration with TickOne reinforces our commitment to the professional development of Omani youth. Fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill enhancement is paramount for the next generation of successful business leaders in Oman.”

Saleh Rashid Al Rashdi, Chief Executive Officer at Tick One stated: "We at TickOne are delighted to partner with Oman Arab Bank in this strategic initiative. This collaboration represents our shared mission to empower Omani youth with essential skills and training opportunities. By integrating our robust training platform with OAB's commitment to nurturing talent, we are setting new standards in professional development in Oman. We are confident this partnership will align the aspirations of job seekers with the dynamic needs of Oman’s rapidly-growing industries, ultimately contributing to the national vision of a highly-skilled and competitive workforce.”

TickOne has also integrated its program with the Government's ‘Steps’ platform which will further bolster Oman's national employment strategies. As part of this collaboration, OAB will gain exclusive access to students and job seekers,  enabling the bank to identify and nurture emerging talent effectively through a customized filtered mechanism.