Residents welcome expansion of Al Mouj, 18 November streets

Oman Wednesday 06/December/2023 21:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Residents welcome expansion  of Al Mouj, 18 November streets

Muscat: The residents of Al Mouj have expressed their enthusiasm and relief following the news of Muscat Municipality’s plans to expand Al Mouj and 18 November Streets.

Muscat Municipality on Wednesday announced the issuance of a tender to reduce congestion and enhance traffic flow in the Muscat Governorate.

Long-time resident S. Kuldeep shared, “The expansion of Al Mouj and 18 November streets has been long overdue as there have been bottlenecks during peak hours almost daily. It’s a positive step, and I hope the project swiftly reaches completion.”

In an official statement, Muscat Municipality highlighted its objectives, stating, “To improve traffic efficiency in the area and its adjoining streets, the Municipality has initiated a project to widen Al Mouj and 18 November streets to three lanes in each direction. This includes transforming key roundabouts (Al Mouj Roundabout, Al Bahjah Roundabout, and Al Ishraq Roundabout in North Al Hail) into high-capacity intersections with traffic lights. Additionally, service streets will be developed for existing commercial buildings.”

R. Singh, another Al Mouj resident, eagerly anticipates the project’s launch. He said, “Traffic congestion at the roundabout and on 18 November Street has been a significant issue, particularly during early mornings and afternoons. With more hotels on the horizon and the popularity of places like the Marina and The Walk in Al Mouj, a solution was long overdue. I commend Muscat Municipality for taking this step.”

The project’s scope includes establishing essential surface water drainage channels and safeguards. Once completed, the project will ensure seamless traffic movement and promote trade and development activities.

It is anticipated that Al Mouj will further flourish as an appealing destination for tourists and locals alike, with the presence of hotels and restaurants in the area contributing to its allure.