MCBS plays crucial role in contributing insights, expertise and perspectives to discussions at CAA workshop

Roundup Wednesday 06/December/2023 15:30 PM
By: Times News Service
MCBS plays crucial role in contributing insights, expertise and perspectives to discussions at CAA workshop

National Aviation Strategy 2040 Workshop Successfully Conducted at Civil Aviation Authority Headquarters.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recently hosted a pivotal workshop at its headquarters, focusing on the development of the National Aviation Strategy 2040. The workshop, a significant step toward shaping the future of aviation in the region, was conducted by the renowned Price Water Coopers (PWC) firm, overseeing both the process and the comprehensive event.

The workshop, held on the 4th of December 2023, brought together key stakeholders, experts, and representatives from various academic sectors within the aviation industry. The collaborative effort aimed at charting a course for the National Aviation Strategy 2040, a strategic roadmap that is poised to play a crucial role in the development and enhancement of the aviation sector in the coming years.

Notably, the event was orchestrated by PWC, a global leader in professional services, ensuring meticulous management of the workshop and the overall strategy development process. The PWC team demonstrated a commitment to excellence, aligning with the CAA's vision for a progressive and sustainable aviation landscape.

Representing the Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS) at this significant workshop were esteemed individuals and aviation enthusiasts. Captain Fahad Ibne Masood, Captain Bikal Jha, Dr. Saurav Negi, Dr. Hesham Magd, Ms. Saada Al Barwani, and a group of talented aviation students played a crucial role in contributing insights, expertise, and perspectives to the discussions.

The National Aviation Strategy 2040 is a forward-looking initiative that aims to address current challenges, harness opportunities, and propel the aviation sector towards new heights of success. The workshop at CAA served as a collaborative platform for industry leaders and experts to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and collectively contribute to the strategic framework that will guide the aviation landscape for the next two decades.

The National Aviation Strategy 2040 is expected to be finalized in February 2024, following further consultations, feedback, and the incorporation of valuable insights gathered during the workshop. This milestone marks a significant leap

forward for the aviation industry in Oman, setting the stage for a more robust, efficient, and sustainable aviation sector.