Care for a scoop of organic ice cream?
July 11, 2018 | 2:45 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Ice Cream Lab

The freshest ice cream you’ll ever have is finally here in Oman, serving organic delights for those with a sweet tooth.

Who would have thought that ice creams can be served fresh? Molecular gastronomy is one fascinating culinary art that is slowly becoming a headline act in many restaurants and cafes, including the famous California-based Ice Cream Lab that recently opened a couple of new branches here in Muscat.

The ice cream parlour is a franchise from Beverly Hills, dedicated to making fresh, organic ice cream using liquid nitrogen gas to instantly freeze fresh ingredients into smooth, creamy ice cream.

The idea of using a scientific approach to make desserts is enough to get you there to try their products. The place is equipped with state-of-the-art ice cream machines that mix an organic base with liquid nitrogen and a bunch of all-natural flavours to make you a desired treat in seconds.

Customers immerse themselves into the experience, where they get to enjoy a whiff of frozen nitrogen flowing out of the bowl and expanding into the air, offering a real laboratory experiment moment that is pleasing to the eyes.

After the gas evaporates, you get a foggy ambience that leaves behind freshly made ice cream with no added sugar, preservatives, or additives — a true organic delight.

What makes this place extra special is that it scoops ice cream with less calories, which makes your guilty pleasures less harsh.

Ice Cream Lab in Qurum

We tried three of their 14 flavours and they were impeccable, rich, and full of sweet-smelling taste.

The ice cream is served with an organic milky base covered with thinly made hot waffles.

The first flavour was blue velvet cupcakes, crushed and sprinkled on top. The base tasted smooth and not overly sweet, which was great, and the admiral blue colour was visually appealing. The highlight was the rich, freshly baked taste of the cupcakes. It was delicious.

The second scoop was a pistachio dream, with the same creamy base blended with pistachios, and sprinkled with more crushed pistachio nuts. The rich nutty aroma and the grainy texture made this quite a nice treat.

For the final scoop, we had a soft crunch made of sweet caramel and salted pretzel biscuits. The taste was creamier with subtle hints of caramel. For those who love their ice cream simple, this is the best bet.

Other flavours on their menu include Nutella, marshmallow, strawberries, and lotus. And for gym goers and health aficionados, they serve ice cream made with whey protein powder. How cool!

With every bite of their offering, you get a spoonful of soft ice cream and the rich aroma of toppings that are just lovely.

We had fun watching the friendly staff curate our cups as much as we enjoyed savouring them, and we assure you, it’s worth every rial.—[email protected]

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