Bank Muscat Applauds the Role of its Female Employees on Omani Women’s Day

Roundup Tuesday 17/October/2023 10:11 AM
By: Times News Service
Bank Muscat Applauds the Role of its Female Employees on Omani Women’s Day

MUSCAT: Omani Women’s Day,falling on October 17th every year, is a great reminder of the essential role women play in the stability, progress and long-term development of the Sultanate. On this occasion, Bank Muscat, the leading financial services provider in Oman, has expressed its deepest appreciation to all Omani women, including the bank’s female employees in particular for their continuous efforts and achievements. Bank Muscat is proud of the opportunities that have been provided to women employees who make up more than 48% of the total number of the bank’s employees.

As part of its efforts targeted towards empowering employees and enhancing their skills, Bank Muscat is keenly implementing training and development strategy to support talented employees through various programmes, including graduates and branch managers training programmes and scholarships to complete their higher studies in reputed universities inside and outside the Sultanate.

These programmes are designed to guide employees to pursue their dreams and future aspirations and continue to actively contribute to achieving the goals of Oman Vision 2040. Bank Muscat’s female employees proved their capability to wisely use the available resources and opportunities to leverage them for their careers. Bank Muscat has affirmed that it will continue to provide more educational opportunities and ‘on the job training’ to Omani women to reach the highest levels in their career.

Empowering Women

On this occasion, a number of Bank Muscat female employees expressed their pride regarding the fact that a day has been dedicated to Omani women, recognizing their successes and achievements in various sectors.

Khairat Dhiban Al Hinai, Assistant Regional Manager, Muscat Governorate, said: “Women play an essential role in building society and this was confirmed by His Late Majesty when he said that the country does not prosper without women. The support given to women enhances our confidence and reminds us of the importance of our contribution to society. We are proud of the inspiring examples amongst Omani women who brought about reputable achievements in various occasions, all working towards supporting Oman.”  

Reflecting on her experience at the bank, she said: “I joined the bank in 2010 and managed through these years to expand my knowledge and develop my personal skills benefitting from the various opportunities the bank provides. There is no doubt that the bank is playing a huge role in helping me grow and strengthen my skills through different courses related to management skills, emotional intelligence, and banking systems. Outside work, I am interested in expanding my knowledge on psychology, understanding personality types and how to best deal with them. This has enrichedmy work experience as a branch manager and it helped me eventually along the way.”

Towards Achieving Dreams

Tahani Saif Al Ghassani, Assistant Regional Manager, Al Dhahira Governorate, said: “I take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to the Omani women for their hard work and contribution in various fields that help support the development of the country. Women are a core pillar in society and have been working relentlessly towards its progress and growth. Hats off to every woman in Oman and a special thank you to my dear mother for always believing in me and supporting me throughout the way. I encourage all women to be brave in the face of challenges and continue pursuing their dreams to achieve the best.”

She further explained that Bank Muscat helped inenhancing her skills through taking various responsibilities, which helped her discover her passion for work. Tahani Al Ghassanisaid: “The training opportunities the bank provides have proven to be a great contributor to the development of employees and helping them move up the ladder with confidence and sharper skills.”

Training and Development to Support Talents

Laila Obaid Al Harasi, Branch Manager, Samail, said: “A big thank you to all Omani woman on this day. The role of women in society has only been growing.I am thankful to Bank Muscat for giving me and my female colleagues many opportunities to develop our skills and grow in our careers at the bank. Bank Muscat has always provided the best possible opportunities to its female employees and this support is a crucial part of why we have done very well.”

About her personal skills, she added: “I am very interested in reading and painting and have developed these skills through constant investment in widening my horizons to achieve excellence. Working in the bank, I became able to best use the opportunities that come my way to strengthen my skills and see my dreams a reality.”